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10th: Allegro

What's everyone's favourite recording of the Allegro of the 10th symphony?

I have Barshai, Mravinsky, von Karajan and Jansons and I'm more and more being drawn to Jansons. It starts a bit slower than the others but works extremely well and is just so powerful. Obviously the Mravinsky and Von Karajan recordings are a bit older (and especially with the Mravinsky one this is extremely noticeable, sound quality isn't so good), and I also find the Von Karajan recording a little flat somehow?

Are there any other recordings that are worth a listen? I'm quite curious as to what Rostropovich made of it but I haven't heard that one yet. (I do have rather great recordings of him doing the 4th & 15th symphonies though, definitely recommend them!)

Also, I'd like to recommend Baiba Skride's recording of the first violin concerto, I saw her in concert not too long ago and it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen, she's an extraordinary violinist. Her recording is definitely my favourite, even beats Oistrakh as far as I'm concerned (blasphemy, I know).

On a different note, is there anyone else with a Shostakovich tattoo?
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